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10 silly things we say in wisconsin - discover the best of, You’ve probably heard this before, ‘n so? which is simply a reduction of the phrase “isn’t that so”? my classic wisconsin grandma and her sisters use this expression a lot. in fact, i think i’ve heard them say all 10 of these words and phrases!. In the 80s - favorite commercials from television and, All the kids are out in the blacktop of the playground and the announcer would sing "skip it skip it" "but the very best thing of all, theres a counter on this ball" and girls and boys would take there pink, purple, and blue skip its and like show each other how many skipits they had done. Biker mice from mars (western animation) - tv tropes, A cartoon about martian mice who ride motorbikes. wandering out in space after fleeing from their near-dead planet, throttle, modo and vinnie are shot up by plutarkians and crash-land in a chicago scoreboard in the middle of a game. while attempting to find a mechanic to fix throttle's bike, they.

Did not do the bloody research - tv tropes, This trope covers any confusion or hilarity arising from foreign swear words, not just in the us. since international expletives are often "g-rated" on american tv, "arse" and "shite" can be family-friendly ways of getting "ass" and "shit" past the britain, "ass" is the american spelling of "arse" note - one may write "ass" to emphasise that the speaker is american rather than english.. police squad! the complete series: leslie, After airplane's huge success in the summer of 1980, the filmmakers, jim abrahams, jerry zucker & david zucker, produced six episodes of a half-hour cop spoof called "police squad" with leslie nielsen.. Homemade funny diy survival kits from neighbours and runner, Homemade diy survival kits from neignbours to runner. * please leave names on poems.thank you! :) survival kits - starting from "n-r"..

Big pokey bear - southern soul music artist - southern, For daddy b. nice's original profile of pokey bear, and the latest updates on pokey bear, scroll down this page. to automatically link to pokey's charted radio singles, awards, cd's and other citations on the website, go to "pokey (big pokey bear)" in daddy b. nice's comprehensive index. february 28, 2018:. List of seinfeld minor characters - wikipedia, This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against wikipedia's inclusion policy. (august 2018) (learn how and when to remove this template message)the television show seinfeld featured many minor characters.. sixteenth summer (9781442423442): michelle, Sixteenth summer june the first time you lay eyes on someone who is going to become someone to you—your someone—you’re supposed to feel the earth shift beneath your feet, right? sparks will course through your fingertips and there’ll definitely be fireworks..