Coworker Stealing My Keurig

My coworker tries to guilt-trip people — ask a manager, Advice to deal with a frustrating coworker who guilt trips people? in our office, there exists a coworker who finds ways to manipulate and guilt trip people on a daily basis. let me provide a few examples… • she often works through her lunch breaks, then pulls the “poor me” card, expecting. 306 funny pics that perfectly sum up office life | bored panda, Working in an office isn't exactly the most enviable job in the world. you're hunched over a computer in a low-ceilinged room with a bunch of other people for hours on end, your eyes often straining from the cold glare of dodgy strip lights while you and your colleagues inhale and exhale the same stale air all day.. I'm being penalized for not participating in monthly, I work on a team of 15 people in a large office. my direct manager came to our team about a year ago. she is young and very athletic, into running marathons, snowboarding, hiking, etc. she is also very into team-building activities and making our team feel like a family, which is great! my problem.

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