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Top ten comebacks for a condescending person | i should, Yes, your condescending judgemental comment has completely convinced me to do what you want. said no one ever! comebacks for condescending people, funny comebacks for condensing people, great comebacks for a condescending person, great comebacks when someone is being condescending, how to respond to condescending people,. Comebacks for being called condescending | i should have said, Next time someone complains that you are being condescending, use one of our great comebacks below. do you have an even better comeback? if so, let us know and leave a comment below. vote for the best comeback if someone calls you condescending. Comeback ideas for condescending comments : aspergers, He condescending says, in the same amused tone that the other lady used, "ma'am, your issue isn't a technical issue". no shit, einstein?!! i understand that the root of my problem is that i can't communicate effectively, but i need some snappy comebacks to use in the meantime..

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How should i respond to condescending comments? - business, Question: "how do you resolve conflict and assuage damaging, condescending comments that are very subtly done? the comments come from a manager to an employee who (technically) does not report to him.. 9 comebacks for dealing with rude people, 9 comebacks for dealing with rude people 1. thank you. a simple “thank you” speaks volumes when you encounter rudeness. not only does it show the other person that you didn’t let their words affect you, it reflects maturity on your part.. What is the best way to respond to people who are, Depends on their agenda. 1. case 1: that person is condescending to most other people as well. their agenda: the (usually subconscious) agenda is to compensate for some complex of inferiority. if you get defensive, you have shown that you, too, ha.

25 comebacks for stupid insults | thought catalog, Have you been burned more times than a bootleg dvd? are you tired of being cut down worse than an african rainforest? the next time you’re the target of some joker, make that smartass look like a dumbass with these sure-fire comebacks! 1. i’d slap you, but i don’t want to get slut on my hand. why not? you already have it all over your. Condescension in the ranks: how to handle snide remarks at, Sick of hearing snide remarks from a condescending colleague? try one of these tactics to fight back—while staying on good, professional terms. condescension in the ranks: how to handle snide remarks at work: sick of hearing snide remarks from a condescend. 9 comebacks for dealing with sarcastic people, Sarcasm can be funny if you don't take things personally, but it can also create hostility. here are 9 comebacks for dealing with sarcastic people.

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