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Great comebacks for condescending people, Yes, your condescending judgemental comment has completely convinced me to do what you want.said no one ever! comebacks for condescending people, funny comebacks for condensing people, great comebacks for a condescending person, great comebacks when someone is being condescending, how to respond to condescending people,. Comeback ideas for condescending comments : aspergers, I don't have any great comebacks for you, but offer you this, whatever your problem is, the person on the phone is not likely the one who caused it to happen. there is a good chance they do not even work for the company, they might just be a company contracted to answer the phones.. Top ten comeback lists for everything -, We all have to deal with crazy family, nosy individuals or people who offer up unsolicited advice. this collection of top ten comebacks will give you a few great zingers to keep in mind next time someone in your life crosses the line or your personal boundaries..

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9 comebacks for dealing with rude people, 9 comebacks for dealing with rude people 1. thank you. a simple “thank you” speaks volumes when you encounter rudeness. not only does it show the other person that you didn’t let their words affect you, it reflects maturity on your part.. How should i respond to condescending comments? - business, First, document every instance. if you have access to a computer, search for resources to teach you to appropriately deal with negative behavior.. What are your best condescending phrases? : askreddit, Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. more >> if you think your post has disappeared, see spam or an inappropriate post, please do not hesitate to contact the mods , we're happy to help..

12 comebacks for dealing with rude people - levo, I found every "comeback" in this article to be rude and instigative in varying degrees, neither of which would help relieve an awkward or uncomfortable communication situation. the best solution invariably is to merely question the question or comment itself in a congenial manner..

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