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Zebra mating, Gorillas mating footage rwanda - world primate safaris - duration: 3:33. worldprimatesafaris 7,175,657 views. Zebras mating, Ostriches mating in front of tourists - duration: 1:17. kruger sightings 16,835,991 views. Zebra, donkey mate into -- zedonk! - cbs news, Zebra, donkey mate into -- zedonk! when you cross a horse and a donkey, you get a mule. but what about a zebra and a donkey? a zedonk! cbs news has confirmed..

Breeding zebras | sciencing, Reproduction. adult stallions mate with all the mares in his breeding group. mares are usually two to three years old when they're ready to mate; stallions are four to five years old when they're fully mature. after mating, the gestation period of zebras usually lasts 11 to 13 months. zebra mares are only able to produce one foal per year.. Studying the mating habits of sharks - cbs news, Sharks play a critical role in maintaining the underwater ecosystem as the top predator in the world's oceans. but there is still a lot we do not know about them. every year, like clockwork, nurse. Zebra breeding facts | sciencing, Zebra breeding behavior is very much like feral horses, feral donkeys and wild asses. age female zebras can come into their first mating seasons as soon as they are 1 year old and still nursing from their mothers (dams)..

Zebra mating, Malayan tapir mating - emus swimming - siberian tiger ahimsa - tierpark hellabrunn - duration: 5:31. eismeer 2,005,602 views. Animals mating_ videos top 10 zebra mating - dailymotion, Watch animals mating_ videos top 10 zebra mating and hosre mating - funny animals mating compilation 2015 - video dailymotion - deedee on dailymotion.