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2015 tianjin explosions - wikipedia, Chinese scientists subsequently estimated that the second more powerful explosion involved the detonation of about 800 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, based on crater size and lethality radius (336 tons tnt equivalent, based on relative effectiveness factor of 0.42). one month after the explosion, official reports listed 173 deaths and 797 injuries.. China explosions: what we know about what happened in, Two massive explosions in the port of tianjin, northern china, have killed more than a hundred people, left hundreds more injured and devastated large areas of the city.. Massive explosion in tianjin, china | popular science, Update 3:35pm 8/14/2015. while the cause of both the fire and the blast remain unknown, it's possible that the actions taken by the firefighters to combat the fire instead caused the explosion. one of the chemicals known to be at the site was calcium carbide. combined with water and fire, calcium carbide explodes..

China: explosion at chemical plant in yancheng causes 78, China: explosion at chemical plant in yancheng causes 78 deaths and more than 600 injured. 78 people reportedly died and more than 600 people injured in an explosion at the jiangsu tianjiayi chemical plant in xiangshui county, eastern china on 21 mar 2019, making it the deadliest industrial incident in china since the 2015 explosion in tianjin, which claimed lives of 173 people.. Chinese investigators identify cause of tianjin explosion, Chinese investigators identify cause of tianjin explosion. investigators determined that the accident had a fairly limited impact on the local environment. marine life in bohai bay, outside tianjin, was not affected, the investigation found. and although hundreds of tons of sodium cyanide were stored at the warehouse, no one died from poisoning,. Tianjin, china explosion ultimate compilation, After 30 seconds, a 2nd more powerful explosion occurred, causing most of the damage and injuries with shock-waves felt many kilometers away..