Candy Bar Match Up Game

Printable candy bar match-up game, Pass out a game sheet and pens or pencils to each guest and set a timer. have your guests do their best to answer which candy bar name matches the baby term to the left. first player to answer them all right, or the one with the most answers correct in the allotted time wins. click here to print your own candy bar match-up game.. Match up the clues on the left with the candy on the right., 1. breast feeding 2. twin babies 3. hospital bill 4. baby boys' names 5. contractions 6. triplets 7. poopie diaper 8. baby's eyes. The candy bar game – baby shower answer key, The candy bar game – baby shower answer key clue answer/candy bar contractions or 11 pound baby whoppers grandparents or epidural lifesavers boy's name mike & ike umbilical cord twizzlers father sugar daddy baby fat chunky girl's name baby ruth use your eyes look cover baby's face with these hershey's kisses hospital bills or college fund 100 grand time alone zero lull-a-byes symphony.

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Candy bar matching game | bits of everything, I assigned all the answers (the candy bars) a number and all the clues (descriptions) a letter. this way, on each turn you know you need to pick one letter and one number. this made it faster and more enjoyable for the kids. if you want to make it a more difficult matching game, just leave all the cards blank. 7 responses to candy bar. Name that candy bar game - diva girl parties and stuff, Name that candy bar game guess the popular candy and chocolate bars. this name that candy bar game makes for a great icebreaker. plus, coming up with prizes is super easy as you can simply use the game supplies. give a definition and whoever guesses it first gets the candy they guessed.. The candy bar baby shower matching game, By amy harp (farmington, ar, u.s.a) one of the most fun laugh-out-loud games, the candy bar baby shower game can be played in several ways, but the most popular way is to play it as a memory game..

Baby shower candy bar game: printable pdf file & answer, Baby shower candy bar game. baby showers hq’s printable baby shower candy bar game is the best printable baby shower candy bar game that you can find on the web. play the game for yourself by “right clicking” the image below. you will not regret it. baby shower candy bar game: how to play. Candy bar matching baby shower game - pretty providence, It is a pretty basic matching game. what makes it so fun is 1) the matches are adorable and 2) the person who makes the match gets to keep that candy bar, so there are tons of winners! i was a little worried that the game would take too long, but once you get going it actually goes pretty fast..

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