Blood Moon On Jewish Holiday Purum 2016

The transit of mercury - prophetic pictures of the purim, The jewish observance of pentecost or shavuot on june 11 th will be exactly in-between the total solar eclipse of march 9, 2016 and the blood moon of september 15, 2016 with 66 days each span of time from pentecost. the transit of mercury will be in approximate phi ratio to the blood moon of purim and the jewish observance of shavuot or pentecost starting at sunset.. Purim blood moon on march 23rd, 2016 |, Purim blood moon on march 23rd, 2016. mar 22, giving us the first ever blood moon quintet of 2014-2016! purim on the hebrew calendar also occurs before and now the jubilee comes with yet another lunar eclipse on purim, forming a quintet of blood moons on hebrew holidays from 2014-2016.. Ultra-rare super blue blood moon eclipse and jewish destiny, Well, for starters, the first blood moon eclipse coincided with the jewish holiday of passover, a pivotal event that commemorates the ancient israelites’ exodus from slavery in egypt. we all know that first of the ten plagues was blood..

The fifth blood moon - march 23, purim 2016, A review of the fifth blood moon that occurred and the significance of that event.. Purim 2016 | my jewish learning, Purim 2016 begins at sunset on wednesday, march 23, and ends on thursday evening, march 24. the background of purim the story of the joyous holiday of purim might appear somber at first glance: it tells of the near-destruction of the jewish people as decreed by haman , an adviser to the persian king ahashuerus.. March 24, 2016 why today is the true passover this year, Now the six feast day blood moons of 2014, 2015 and 2016 become a sextet of blood moons. this may have profoundly significant prophetic implications. additionally, the 2016 feast of pentecost commences on the evening celebration of israel’s day of national independence, may 14, 2016..

Purim in the united states - time and date, Purim marks the jewish people’s deliverance from a royal death decree around the fourth century bce, as told in the book of esther. many jewish americans celebrate purim on the 14th day of the month of adar in the jewish calendar, which is in february or march in the gregorian calendar.. Blood moons: everything you need to know - israel news, Each blood moon in the tetrad has fallen on a jewish holiday: passover of 2014, sukkot of 2014, passover of 2015 and now sukkot of 2015. a tetrad of blood moons all coinciding with jewish festivals is extremely rare; only three such tetrads have occurred in the past thousand years..