Becoming A Hucow Story

Hucow - story tags -, Anna finds herself going back to her natural habitat. those who survived the flare must now survive a new world. cat's human side struggles to avoid dissolving completely.. Human cows - the life of hucow 182, The life of hucow 182. life on the farm by caitsara and meaghread with assistance from conaire and enteme a note of caution - not for under 21's to read, nor those with a nervous, or. Free sex stories & erotic stories @, Slave wife tanya: lactating in las vegas las vegas is world famous for gambling. secondly for all the various exhibitions, and thirdly for famous artist performances..

Breeding time at the hucow farm ch. 03 - fetish, Jessica's sister visits the farm, and decides to join.. Breeding time at the hucow farm ch. 02 - fetish, Jessica signs up as to become a hucow at the farm.. Life on the farm (4 of 5) - the erotic mind-control story, What’s new · titles · authors · categories · readers’ picks · faq · the garden of mc · mc forum story: life on the farm author: izenrann ← 4 of 5 → life on the farm part 4.

Bdsm library - story: cowgirl, (if you read this story, and especially you enjoyed it too, please review it or send an email to author. authors deserve that. and your comments will encourage them to write more and better.. | machine stories | gromet's plaza, Machine stories is an archive of stories about robots and machines interfacing with humans, containing bondage, mummification and other adult themes. the machines take over and bind, abuse and take control.. Ponygirl stories by author | gromet's plaza, Warning. these stories concern adults in situations where they may be played with as a pony, treated as such or undergo training to become a ponygirl or other animal or may desire to be treated as such..