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Yanny or laurel - wikipedia, "yanny or laurel" is an auditory illusion of a re-recording of a vocabulary word plus added background sounds, also mixed into the recording, which became popular in may 2018.. Yanny or laurel? how a sound clip divided america - the, Is the voice saying “yanny” or “laurel”? the clip and an online poll were posted on instagram, reddit and other sites by high school students who said that it had been recorded from a vocabulary website playing through the speakers on a computer.. Yanny or laurel debate: do you hear laurel or yanny in the, What is the voice saying – is it yanny or is it laurel? some people think they hear the word "laurel" while others are convinced it says "yanny." it's the most perplexing phenomenon since the great the dress debate of 2015..

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Yanny or laurel? why people hear different words, Yanny or laurel? not since the infamous dress of 2015 has the internet been this consumed — and divided — by a meme.. 'yanny' or 'laurel'? debate over audio clip divides, The internet is torn over an audio clip that is either saying the word 'laurel' or 'yanny' it's the 2015 dress controversy all over again some people are hearing the word 'yanny' and others 'laurel' in this audio clip.. Laurel or yanny? what science has to say - cnn, The yanny-laurel debate has fractured the internet. some people who listen to the audio file hear one thing; others hear another. but there's a simple explanation for why people perceive one thing so differently..

So which is it, yanny or laurel? : npr, An audio file has divided the internet as people debate whether the voice says "yanny" or "laurel." lee miller, an associate professor in neurobiology, physiology and behavior at the university of. 'yanny' or 'laurel'? why people hear different things in, 'yanny' or 'laurel'? why people hear different things in that viral clip : the two-way we consulted experts on how human brains perceive sound. the poor quality of the audio file can be blamed for the different ways our brains perceive it.. We made a tool so you can hear both yanny and laurel - the, The spectrograms above show that the word “laurel” is strongest in lower frequencies, while a simulated version of the word “yanny” is stronger in higher frequencies. the audio clip shows a mixture of both..

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