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We made a tool so you can hear both yanny and laurel - the, The internet erupted in disagreement on tuesday over an audio clip in which the name being said depends on the listener. some hear “laurel.” others hear “yanny.” we built a tool to. "yanny" or "laurel": what is happening in this recording????, You may be wondering if this is gonna be one of those "is the dress blue or gold" things and the answer is, you bet it is. please listen to this recording and tell me whether you hear "yanny" or "laurel.". 'yanny' or 'laurel' original clip: here's where it comes, In somewhat of a disappointment to the many people who heard “yanny” in the clip, the actual word recorded in the original clip is laurel, defined as a “wreath worn on the head, usually as a.

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Yanny or laurel debate: do you hear laurel or yanny in the, When the "laurel v. yanny" debate erupted, even celebrities like like ellen degeneres and jj watt were talking about it (degeneres thought it was "laurel" but watt was team "yanny"). wired. Why some hear ‘yanny,’ others ‘laurel’, Usa is a community of leaders and learners who support and challenge one another through academic experiences, research and service that advance the gulf coast region and the world.. Please take this poll and tell us whether this recording, Hello! if you are reading this post, you are probably one of the many people going out of their minds trying to figure out whether this recording says "yanny" or "laurel.".

Is it laurel or yanny? audio clip has divided the internet, A single word has divided america in two. there are the people who listen to this recording and hear the word "laurel," and those who hear "yanny," and they are battling it out on the internet in. An audiologist explains why you hear 'yanny' or 'laurel, The internet is debating whether an audio clip sounds like "yanny" or "laurel." a mass eye and ear audiologist explains why that is.. Yanny vs. laurel means we'll all die alone | wired, Some people heard the word “laurel” in a short audio clip that became internet-famous this week, while others heard the not-word “yanny.” this proves that we will all die alone. thanks to.

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