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Laurel or yanny? what science has to say - cnn, The yanny-laurel debate has fractured the internet. some people who listen to the audio file hear one thing; others hear another. but there's a simple explanation for why people perceive one thing so differently.. We made a tool so you can hear both yanny and laurel - the, The internet erupted in disagreement on tuesday over an audio clip in which the name being said depends on the listener. some hear “laurel.” others hear “yanny.” we built a tool to gradually accentuate different frequencies in the original audio clip. which word or name do you hear, and how. White house 'laurel' or 'yanny' video: trump, kellyanne, The video begins with ivanka trump — she of the “laurel” camp — and includes appearances by deputy press secretary raj shah, vice president pence, and president trump..

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Yanny or laurel? how a sound clip divided america - the, Three years ago, the internet melted down over the color of a dress. now an audio file has friends, family members and office mates questioning one another’s hearing, and their own. is the voice saying “yanny” or “laurel”? the clip and an online poll were posted on instagram, reddit and. Yanny or laurel debate: do you hear laurel or yanny in the, An online audio clip is puzzling people worldwide. do you hear "yanny" or "laurel" -- and why do some people hear it differently?. Do you hear 'yanny' or 'laurel'? | people.com, A clip of an automated voice saying something has got the internet divided once again.

'yanny' or 'laurel' internet mystery solved | tmz.com, Ok, enough debate. it's laurel. according to the guy who originally posted the audio -- redditor rolandcamry-- he recorded the robotic pronounciation of the word "laurel" from vocabulary.com. roland says he recorded the audio off his speakers, which caused the distortion. roland tells tmz he and. Here's why you're hearing "yanny" – and why it's, Twitter data shows 47 percent of people on that site hear "yanny," and 53 percent hear "laurel". Yanny vs. laurel | archdiocese of baltimore, Yanny vs. laurel is about how our senses can be tricked by subtle changes in acoustic frequencies, but it is also about how we have a strong desire to know what is true..

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