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Fortnite's salty springs treasure map: where to find the, If you want to take a look at the treasure map, however, you'll want to go to salty springs. it shouldn't be all that busy, because i get the feeling that most people make a beeline for the. Fortnite - salty springs treasure map location •, Finding the salty springs treasure map location is the objective of one of fortnite's many weekly challenges. completing it will give you additional xp to help go towards your many season 4 rewards.. Follow the treasure map found in salty springs - fortnite, The task: “follow the treasure map found in salty springs.” while you can indeed follow the treasure map, which will eventually lead you to your end goal, it’s far easier for us to just show.

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Fortnite’s salty springs treasure map – where to find the, To locate the map, gamers will need to pop into the furthest building west, just outside of salty springs where the map on the wall will show the location to be around j7 on the map.. Fortnite salty springs treasure map location guide, In this fortnite salty springs treasure map guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding and solving the treasure map found in the salty springs for season 4 challenge.. Fortnite: salty springs treasure map location - vg247, As part of the fortnite week 3 challenges, you’re tasked to follow a treasure map found in salty springs.. you’ve got until thursday to complete challenges from season 4. fornite season 5.

'fortnite' salty springs treasure map: a week 3 challenge, But in week 3, the new treasure map is in salty springs. when players find the map itself, the snaking shape makes it pretty obvious that the “treasure” is hidden in the racetrack to the. Fortnite season 4 guide: follow the salty springs treasure map, The treasure map is located on the westernmost edge of salty springs. this appears as f7 on the grid of the main map. more specifically, the map is located inside the hut on the westernmost edge.

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