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How To Integrate a Google Calendar into Your WordPress Blog

Exciting News! WordPress just announced (as of 5/9/11) that it now allows sharing of Google Docs and Google Calendars on blogs!!!! I’d like to think the WordPress gurus read my tutorial on how to embed a Google Calendar into a Blogger blog (in which I explain that doesn’t allow it, but they should) […]

May 18, 2011 More

Engaged With a Cause

Some people have really, really big hearts. Julie is one of them. She writes a blog, Engaged With A Cause, in an attempt to create an online resource for anyone wanting to give back with their wedding. Recently, Julie was kind enough to feature just b.CAUSE on her blog. I was not only humbled, but […]

May 17, 2011 More

Make a Difference for Animals

This narrative has been floating around animal rescue groups for some time. In fact, you, like me, may have already heard it. It gives me a smile every time I read it. A young boy was walking with his grandfather at down a deserted beach. The grandfather commented about how many starfish had been washed […]

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How to Integrate a Google Calendar into Your Blog

Today, I will share how you can embed a Google Calendar into the sidebar of your blog. Featuring a calendar on your blog allows for more interactivity between you and your readers. Use it to feature upcoming events, showcase a speaking/design schedule, or highlight significant events your readers might be interested in. In Your Gmail […]

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It’s For the Public Interest

Public interest law is an area of law that focuses on, simply put, doing good. “This area of law encompasses work done not with the primary goal of making a profit, but rather to protect individual rights, advance justice, or enhance the public good” (Source). Lawyers in this field work in an array of areas, […]

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Operation Layla

It’s funny how much you can get to know a person via social media. While it doesn’t replace the in-depth friendship you form fromface-to-face interactions, connecting with people through blogs/twitter/facebook does provide some insight into the character of a person. I first “met” Layla (or @ohdearitslayla as I know her from Twitter) when I joined […]

March 11, 2011 More

The Power of Shopping Organically

***Statistics and ideas cited all credited to Eat This, Not That: Supermarket Survival Guide by David Zinczenko. Follow on Twitter. I grew up in an era of high fructose corn syrup mania. Naturally, what I learned as a child to be “healthy” is vastly skewed. But it’s not just my generation. Really, the health epidemic […]

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In Lieu of “in lieu of”

For the sake of honesty, let me admit that this has not only been a hard post for me to write (it’s been saved as a draft for over a month), but also a difficult topic for me to tackle. Everything in this post pertains to my fiance and I as a couple…they’re our thoughts, […]

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Give Back Tuesday: Table Numbers

Throughout the planning of our wedding, we have been trying hard to incorporate three different things: Our colors (black, white, lime green, and lemon yellow with bold patterns and a funky fresh vibe) Our theme: Puppy Love. Why puppy love? Well, for the obvious, we love dogs and they have played an important role in […]

September 28, 2010 More

Never Forget.

Tomorrow is 9-11. As time passes, it’s easy to forget the significance of that day. I don’t ever want to forget. My heart aches for all the men and women who lost their lives that day, for all the families of those men and women who had to go on living without them. I thank […]

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