Nagini | harry potter wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Nagini (d. 2 may, 1998) was a maledictus cursed to transform into a snake. originating possibly in indonesia, by 1927 she was a performer at the circus arcanus where she met credence barebone and had the ability then to transform at will. by 1994, nagini was seemingly trapped in snake form and. Everything you need to know about nagini - pottermore, Lord voldemort and nagini had a special relationship. so nagini and voldemort were definitely close. as a parselmouth, (i.e. able to talk to snakes) voldemort could communicate with her, and the pair often sent each other messages, even suggesting a telepathic connection at times.. Maledictus | harry potter wiki | fandom powered by wikia, A maledictus (plural maledictuses) is a female individual who carries a blood curse that eventually turns her into a beast permanently. the curse is carried from birth and passed down from mother to daughter. the beast ultimately transformed into can vary based on the curse. before their.

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Nagini - wikipedia, Nagini may refer to: . nagini, the female counterpart of a nāga, the king cobra, or a serpentine class of semidivine race and deities found in hindu religion.; nagini (harry potter), voldemort's snake in the harry potter series see also. naagin, indian television series; naga (disambiguation) nagaina, a spider genus of the family salticidae (jumping spiders). Nagini – the harry potter lexicon, Nagini was a maledictus who became a huge, magical, diamond-patterned snake and a companion to voldemort. nagini was originally a young woman who suffered from a malediction, a blood curse that would eventually transform her into a snake. she used this ability to become a circus performer in the 1920s with circus arcanus. here she […]. Nagini | villains wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Nagini was a long green female snake who is lord voldemort's pet, and a major antagonist in the harry potter series, serving as a supporting antagonist in goblet of fire, a minor antagonist in order of the phoenix and a major antagonist in deathly hallows. she is also a supporting character in.

Fantastic beasts 2: the tragedy of nagini | den of geek, Nagini’s life in fantastic beasts 2 is only alluded to, but it’s not an easy one. she’s in a race against time, facing down a lifetime as a snake after what appeared to be a human life of. Nagini in fairly potter, You cannot see my facial expressions, which helped with the hilarity. but you can hear the crowd's reaction.. Nāga - wikipedia, In sanskrit, a nāgá is a cobra, the indian cobra (naja naja).a synonym for nāgá is phaṇin (फणिन्).there are several words for "snake" in general, and one of the very commonly used ones is sarpá (सर्प).sometimes the word nāgá is also used generically to mean "snake". the word is cognate with english 'snake', germanic: *snēk-a-, proto-ie: *(s)nēg-o- (with s-mobile)..

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