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Social climber: raccoon scales st. paul skyscraper, A raccoon scurries up the side of the ubs tower in st. paul, minn. on tuesday, june 12, 2018. evan frost | mpr news. the raccoon had other ideas.. Mpr racoon is rescued from building but forever our hero, The building-scaling raccoon in minnesota who ascended to impressive heights of internet stardom has been rescued. but not before it amassed a huge following. mprraccoon — as the raccoon is now known on twitter — captured widespread attention as people online followed its adventurous heroics when it climbed a 25-story building in st. paul, minn.. Saved! #mprraccoon rescued from st. paul skyscraper | mpr news, A raccoon that became an internet sensation by climbing a skyscraper in downtown st. paul has been safely trapped and will be released. evan frost | mpr news.

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Mpr raccoon climbs minnesota building, safely trapped on, And then everyone waited. finally, in the early hours of wednesday, the mpr raccoon reached the summit of the ubs building, where it was able to enjoy its well-earned meal before being safely trapped and moved. happy trails, mpr raccoon! may your next meal be a little closer to sea level.. Mpr raccoon reaches roof after climbing 23-story office, Update: mpr raccoon is safe and has been captured on the roof! advertisement the raccoon was first spotted on monday in downtown st. paul near the town square building just a couple of stories up.. Daredevil raccoon climbs minnesota skyscraper and becomes, A raccoon took a break on tuesday outside a window on the 23rd floor of ubs tower in st. paul, minn., hours after it began its ascent. credit credit evan frost/minnesota public radio, via.

How a daredevil raccoon pulled off a terrifying 23-story climb, The raccoon, now known as mpr raccoon in honor of the minnesota public radio (mpr) employees who spotted the critter scaling a nearby skyscraper, became an instant social media star as viewers. Raccoon climbing minnesota skyscraper captivates internet, At about 10:30 p.m. ct, the raccoon began to descend from the 23rd floor, making it to the 17th story.. St. paul raccoon: #mprraccoon climbs to the top of, Not long after, a minnesota raccoon captured some of the attention with a historic summit that seemed to raise the prospect of a collective national heart attack..

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