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John mcentee, trump assistant, reportedly fired amid, President donald trump's personal assistant, john mcentee, was fired and escorted from the white house on monday.. Trump's personal assistant john mcentee fired from role, President trump donald john trump top trump trade official: ‘any country or entity’ exempt from tariffs will face quotas pence in arizona hails arpaio as ‘champion’ of ‘rule of law’ ex-trump aide decries senate russia probe over high legal bills: report more's personal assistant was. John mcentee, longtime trump aide fired over financial, President donald trump's longtime personal aide john mcentee was fired because he is currently under investigation by the department of homeland security for serious financial crimes, a source familiar with his firing told cnn..

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John mcentee, trump's personal assistant fired over, It was a windy winter day with the temperature about 40 degrees when president donald trump's long-time body-man was fired and escorted from the white house without even his jacket, according to a new report.. Trump fires white house assistant john mcentee, who, President trump has fired his white house personal assistant john mcentee, who had been with the president since early in his campaign, an administration official confirmed tuesday. the president's campaign then announced mcentee will rejoin the campaign as a senior adviser of operations. mcentee is. John mcentee, trump aide, is forced out over security, Washington — john mcentee, who has served as president trump’s personal assistant since mr. trump won the presidency, was forced out of his position and escorted from the white house on monday after an investigation into his finances caused his security clearance to be revoked, officials with.

Trump assistant fired amid secret service probe, joins, John mcentee, trump's personal assistant, was fired and escorted from the white house on monday, according to a tuesday report from the wall street journal. mcentee has now joined trump's re-election campaign. mcentee is under investigation by the secret service for serious financial crimes, federal. Who is john mcentee? 3 things to know about the former, John mcentee, president trump's former assistant, was fired. here's three things to know about the former uconn quarterback.. Trump personal aide john mcentee forced out - us media, John mcentee was fired amid an inquiry over alleged financial crimes, reports say..

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