Impeachment - wikipedia, Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official. impeachment does not in itself remove the official definitively from office; it is similar to an indictment in criminal law, and thus it is essentially the statement of charges against the official.whereas in some countries the individual is provisionally removed, in others they can remain in. Impeachment legal definition of impeachment, Impeachment, const. law, punishments. under the constitution and laws of the united states, an impeachment may be described to be a written accusation, by the house of representatives of the united states, to the senate of the united states, against an officer.. Impeachment | definition of impeachment at, Impeachment definition, the impeaching of a public official before an appropriate tribunal. see more..

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Impeachment in the united states - wikipedia, Impeachment in the united states is the process by which a legislature (usually in the form of the lower house) brings charges against a civil officer of government for crimes all. Trump impeachment inquiry: latest news and analysis - cnn, View the latest news and analysis on the impeachment and acquittal votes of president donald trump.. Trump impeachment inquiry: latest news and updates - the, The president was acquitted on both charges of impeachment by the senate, with sen. mitt romney crossing the aisle and voting to convict on one charge. follow complete coverage with updates from.

Impeach | definition of impeach by merriam-webster, Impeach definition is - to charge with a crime or misdemeanor; specifically : to charge (a public official) before a competent tribunal with misconduct in office. how to use impeach in a sentence. did you know? does impeach mean to remove from office?.

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