Burger king hamberders? chain trolls president trump over, Burger king trolls trump on including 'hamberders' in 'massive' fast food order. burger king had some fun at president trump's expense for his misspelling of hamburgers on his own twitter feed. Home [www.ocasiocomic.com], It’s alexandria ocasio-cortez and the "freshman force" of congress vs. the establishment in this all new commemorative comic! comic creators converge to celebrate the election of the most diverse group of freshman congresspersons in history, and. Burger king brilliantly ribs trump over 'hamberder' tweet, Burger king on tuesday ribbed president donald trump for misspelling "hamburgers" in a tweet about a banquet of fast food he offered the clemson tigers football team on monday. trump's original.

Burger King brilliantly ribs Trump over 'hamberder' tweet ...

Trump’s tweet about "hamberders" illustrates just how, While not as significant as his lies about the situation at the southern border or his dealings with russia, an amusing tweet president donald trump posted tuesday morning illustrates just how. Burger king trolls donald trump over fast food ‘hamberder, Trump has not commented on either the “hamberder” incident or the changing number of hamburgers served. when the “hamberder” tweet was deleted and reposted with the correct spelling, the inflated number of burgers eaten remained the same.. Misspellings matter: here's what president trump's, Misspellings matter: here’s what president trump’s “hamberder” tweet really means. by cloverchronicle on january 15, 2019. last year, qanon posted a simple message: “misspellings matter.”.

The funniest donald trump fast food "hamberder" memes, The funniest donald trump fast food "hamberder" memes. picture: white house // fox // twitter trump reportedly ordered a massive 300 hamburgers to the white house for the clemson tigers to celebrate their win at the national championship and it wasn't long before a still of trump with his arms outstretched in front of the food went viral and. Hamberders meme: president trump's harmburger tweet is a, If the last two years hadn't happened, the progression of events that led to these jokes would seem entirely made-up. the images look like a dead kennedys or nofx album cover that's a little too. Jimmy kimmel roasts trump’s ‘hamberders’ tweet: ‘how does, Flame-broiled jimmy kimmel roasts trump’s ‘hamberders’ tweet: ‘how does that happen?’ ‘it’s like in the middle of tweeting he had a stroke or something,’ the late-night host joked..

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