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How To Integrate a Google Calendar into Your WordPress Blog

Exciting News! WordPress just announced (as of 5/9/11) that it now allows sharing of Google Docs and Google Calendars on blogs!!!! I’d like to think the WordPress gurus read my tutorial on how to embed a Google Calendar into a Blogger blog (in which I explain that doesn’t allow it, but they should) […]

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July 13: Watch Fox 2 News!

Next Tuesday, July 13, following the All Star game, Fox 2 news St. Louis plans to air a story on Herman and Bonnie Schindler, owners of MO Puppy Expo in St Peters, MO which various volunteers have been protesting for over a year. The Schindlers puppy mill is located in Mexico, MO, and they have over 1000 breeding dogs. (Attached […]

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Have You Seen This?

It’s typical, with any crisis, for the world to lose “interest” after the initial shock of the story wears off. While it may be one week since the devastating earthquake hit Japan, the need for support has far from diminished. I was extremely happy to see Google, a major provider of information, taking strides to […]

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My Doodle for You

The next time you question whether or not the little acts you are doing to give back are really worth it, remember that without all of the {little} pieces, a puzzle would never come together. Find a cause you are passionate about–it can be anything: animal welfare, poverty, human rights, the environment, religion, etc.–and get […]

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Writing for Social Media

Social media has given us a new outlet to communicate with friends and colleagues while also giving us a new vocabulary. As Loraine Antrim points out: we now “blog” and “tweet” and “text”[,] read “blooks” and “microblogs”[,] and are concerned about “trackbacks.” A colon and parantheses signal our emotions (“:)”) and three letters can signal […]

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