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Golan heights - wikipedia, The golan heights (arabic: هضبة الجولان ‎, translit. haḍbatu l-jawlān or مرتفعات الجولان murtafaʻātu l-jawlān, hebrew: רמת הגולן ‎, translit. ramat hagolan), or simply the golan, is a region in the levant, spanning about 1,800 square kilometres (690 sq mi).the region defined as the golan heights differs between disciplines: as a geological and. Golan heights | history, map, & facts | britannica.com, Golan heights: golan heights, hilly area overlooking the upper jordan river valley on the west. the area was part of extreme southwestern syria until 1967, when it came under israeli military occupation, and in december 1981 israel unilaterally annexed the part of the golan it held.. History & overview of the golan heights, From the western golan, it is only about 60 miles – without major terrain obstacles – to haifa and acre, and israel’s industrial heartland. the golan – rising from 400 to 1700 feet in the western section bordering on pre-1967 israel – overlooks the huleh valley, israel’s richest.

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The golan heights: why they matter to syria, israel, and, It’s a piece of high ground in one of the most conflict-prone places on earth. that’s made the golan heights a focus of global dispute since israel seized it from syria in the 1967 middle east. The golan heights, explained - jewish telegraphic agency, The golan heights is a region at israel’s northeast corner, on the border with syria. (google maps). Golan heights: trump changed decades of u.s. policy in a, The golan heights is a strip of land, a little under 500 square miles, that sits high along the border between israel and syria. it was seized by israeli forces from syria during the six-day war.

Proclamation on recognizing the golan heights as part of, The state of israel took control of the golan heights in 1967 to safeguard its security from external threats. today, aggressive acts by iran and terrorist groups, including hizballah, in southern. Golan heights, israel, oil and trump | new eastern outlook, Events are moving rapidly to a possible new war involving israel, the united states, syria and russia. were it to take place, i honestly hope not, it would be yet another stupid war over oil.. Genie energy - wikipedia, Genie energy ltd. is an american energy company headquartered in newark, new jersey.it is a holding company comprising genie retail energy, a retail energy provider in the united states, and genie oil and gas, which pursued a conventional oil exploration project in the israeli-occupied golan heights.. genie was part of idt corporation but was spun off on october 31, 2011, at which point class.

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