Dotard | definition of dotard by merriam-webster, Donald trump, a man who at various points in his presidency has resembled a toddler, a dotard and a weird combination of both, mostly colored within the lines today in davos, switzerland.. What is the definition of 'dotard,' which north korea, Merriam-webster said “dotard” searches were “high as a kite,” and the old word trended on twitter.. Dotard - definition of dotard by the free dictionary, Define dotard. dotard synonyms, dotard pronunciation, dotard translation, english dictionary definition of dotard. n. a person who is in his or her dotage. n a person who is weak-minded, esp through senility ˈdotardly adj n. a senile person..

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Dotard | define dotard at, Dotard definition, a person, especially an old person, exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person. see more.. Dotard dictionary definition | dotard defined, A person in his or her dotage; foolish and doddering old person. origin of dotard. middle english from doten, dote. dotard. What is a 'dotard'? - cnn, (cnn)north korean leader kim jong un had some choice words for us president donald trump friday, accusing the american leader of "mentally deranged behavior." but it was kim's use of the term "dotard," that has set the internet alight. while not widely used today, the insult is centuries old.

Dotard - english-spanish dictionary -, Dotard - translation to spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Kim jong un insulted donald trump and taught - huffpost, While the statement was full of choice words for trump ― calling him “unfit,” “rogue” and “gangster” ― it was the word “dotard,” used twice, that seemed to catch everyone’s attention. according to merriam-webster, a “dotard” is a “person in his or her dotage,” with. What is a dotard? kim jong-un's latest trump burn explained, Kim jong-un has really stepped up the rhetoric by resurrecting an insult from the 14th century..

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