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Darlie routier - wikipedia, Darlie lynn peck routier (born january 4, 1970) is an american woman from rowlett, texas, who was convicted of murdering her five-year-old son damon in 1996.she was never charged with the murder of her other son, six-year-old devon. both boys were stabbed to death with a large kitchen knife.. Darlie's last defense – examining the evidence from the, Everything you need to know about the state of texas v. darlie routier.. Darlie routier fact and fiction – separating truth from, In the early morning hours of june 6, 1996, a 911 operator in rowlett, texas received a call for help. darlie routier, a 26-year-old wife and mother, reported that a knife-wielding intruder had broken into their house, attacking her and her two young sons..

Mother of woman found guilty of brutally murdering her two ...

The darlie routier case - home, Episode 1 - june 12, 2018 - after surviving the brutal stabbing that leaves her two sons dead in 1996, dallas housewife darlie routier urges police to find the intruder she claims is the killer. to her horror, she becomes the no. 1 suspect. in his first interview in nearly 15 years, darlie's husband, darin routier, gives an emotional telling of the events leading up to her arrest while the. The horrific story of darlie routier and the children she, In the early morning hours of june 6, 1996, 911 dispatchers in rowlett, texas, received a panicked call from darlie routier. she claimed that an intruder had broken into her home and stabbed her two sons, devon and damon, and herself.. Darlie routier: texas woman on death row after murder of, Texas woman darlie routier has sat on death row for two decades now, ever since her 1997 conviction for the murder of one of her two slain children. some think the case is open-and-shut, but others….

Darlie routier | photos 1 | murderpedia, the encyclopedia, Photos 1 of darlie lynn routier, an american woman sentenced to death in texas on february 4, 1997 for the murder of two of her children on june 6, 1996.. Amazon.com: a killer in my house the darlie routier story, Wonderful book! the author gives very detailed accounts of the case against darlie lynn routier, from the night her sons, 6 year old devon rush routier and 5 year old damon christian routier were stabbed to death (her husband darin and youngest son, 8 month old drake anthony routier were sleeping upstairs in the master bedroom and were unhurt), all the way through her hospitalization, the boys. Darlie - wikipedia, Darlie (chinese: 黑人; pinyin: hēirén; literally: "black person"), formerly known as darkie, is a toothpaste brand of hawley & hazel chemical company (official slogan: 'powering your smile.'). established in shanghai in 1933 and later based in hong kong (1973) and taiwan (1949), hawley & hazel was acquired in 1985 by the united states based colgate-palmolive, although the product is not.

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