BBQ Becky

Bbq becky | know your meme, Bbq becky, also known as white woman calling the cops, refers to a series of photoshop memes of a woman in sunglasses calling the police in a park on a group of. Bbq becky: woman photoshopped into black history after, A white woman who complained to police about a black family's bbq has turned into a meme called 'bbq becky'. Oakland activists demanding bbq becky be held accountable, If bbq becky abused the law, then she should be held accountable the same way she wanted the black folks at the barbecue held accountable..

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Bbq becky: the "woman on the phone meme," explained, The “woman on the phone meme,” as some are calling it, arose after a video of a white woman calling the police on two black men in oakland, california, surfaced online late last month.. Saturday night live skewers oakland's 'bbq becky' - sfgate, "bbq becky" has turned into a popular online meme in recent weeks, in which she is photoshopped into both historical and modern photographs, reporting activities to police..