Ashura - wikipedia, Yom ashura or ashura (arabic: عاشوراء ‎ ʻĀshūrā’) is the tenth day of muḥarram, the first month in the islamic calendar. for the majority of shia muslims, as well as some sunni muslims, ashura marks the climax of the remembrance of muharram, and commemorates the death of husayn ibn ali, the grandson of prophet muhammad, at the battle of karbala on 10 muharram in the year 61 ah. Ashura: a day of remembrance in the islamic calendar, Ashura is a religious observance marked every year by muslims.the word ashura literally means "10th," as it is on the 10th day of muharram, the first month of the islamic calendar year. ashura is an ancient day of remembrance for all muslims, but it is now recognized for different reasons and in different ways by sunni and shi'a muslims.. Ashura - religionfacts, Ashura (also spelled aashurah, ‘ashurah or aashoorah), is an islamic holiday observed on the 10th of muharram, the first month of the islamic year..

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What is ashura? - bbc news, The day of ashura is marked by muslims as a whole, but for shia muslims it is a major religious commemoration of the martyrdom at karbala of hussein, a grandson of the prophet muhammad. it falls. Ashura | article about ashura by the free dictionary, Ashura, holy day in islam, the 10th day of the month of muharram. it commemorates the day noah left the ark and the day moses was saved by god from the egyptians, and is a voluntary day of fasting for all muslims.. Ashura: calendar, history, tweets, facts, quotes & activities., Ashura history. ashura (arabic: عاشوراء‎ ) marks the day that shi'a muslims believe husayn, the grandson of muhammad, was martyred.for sunni muslims, it marks the day that moses was saved from the pharaoh's tyranny. ashurah is the tenth day of islamic month of muharram..

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