Antifa (united states) - wikipedia, Antifa (/ æ n ˈ t iː f ə, ˈ æ n t i ˌ f ɑː /) is an anti-fascist political movement in the united states comprising a diverse array of autonomous groups that aim to achieve their objectives through the use of both non-violent and violent direct action rather than through policy reform. antifa political activists engage in protest tactics such as digital activism and militancy against. | join us & take action now, Antifa, short for anti-fascist, is a broad, community-based movement composed of individuals organizing against racial and economic injustice. those who identify with the label represent a large spectrum of the political left. the trump administration frequently uses the term to describe any group or individual that demonstrates in opposition. What is antifa, the far-left group tied to violent, Antifa, the far-left militant movement that calls itself "antifascist," has no defined organizational hierarchy or membership process. the collection of autonomous antifa groups in mostly left.

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What is antifa: 5 things to know about the movement, Antifa members say they use violence as a means of self-defense and that property destruction does not equate to violence, according to cnn. "there is a place for violence," scott crow, a former. Antifa | definition of antifa by merriam-webster, Antifa definition is - a person or group actively opposing fascism. how to use antifa in a sentence.. Who are antifa? - anti-defamation league, Antifa is not a unified group; it is loose collection of local/regional groups and individuals. their presence at a protest is intended to intimidate and dissuade racists, but the use of violent measures by some antifa against their adversaries can create a vicious, self-defeating cycle of attacks, counter-attacks and blame..

Antifa is mostly made up of privileged white dudes, Antifa’s goals are not those of most non-white americans. most non-white americans don’t want to destroy the systems of government, abolish the police, end capitalism, or cripple corporations.. Who is antifa? activists reveal their identities - cnn video, Many antifa activists hide who they are while fighting white supremacy. but a few are speaking out after police brutality protests across the nation..

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