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Why Buddy Doesn’t Like Wal-Mart

As warmer weather approaches, let’s all remmeber that a stuffy idle vehicle is no place for your pet during the heat of the day. Leave Buddy at home when you go to the store. Around here (where humidity reaches staggering levels), I see it all too often: a person runs to the grocery store, thinking […]

April 14, 2011 More

You’re Easy…or at least, you should want to be

{From a Volunteer’s Perspective} Nonprofits: If  you want volunteers, you gotta make getting involved easy for them. When I’m looking to get involved, I usually visit an organization’s website. If I like what they stand for, I almost immediately* look for a “Get Involved,” “Take Action,” or “Volunteer” button. If you want volunteers, don’t make […]

January 23, 2011 More