udder tf story

| August 10, 2015

Udder - transfur, Different kind of udder by gaia1234 9964 views willing character sent there for some tf and fun. this attraction's theme was the fair!. In need of milk by toonexterminator - transfur, Story: one morning, it looked like a cow udder! she decided to stop the spell midway through the transformation.. Udder – the hidden shelf, Re-posting the four stories from /r but i just wanted to put out a basic sexy bit of transformation without too up high because of her udder..

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She moos in mysterious ways - transformation story archive, The transformation story archive: but a large bovine udder, she moos in mysterious ways copyright 1997 by longshot00@aol.com.. Eden's awakening - transformation story archive, The transformation story archive: make sure to give us a little udder enhancement on this one, eden's awakening copyright 1997 by penaotto.. Udder tf story? - okela, Udder tf story? - crowdsourced questions & answers at okela.

The stable chapter 1: the first day - the changiing, a, Emily walked into the building known as the "stable". this was home-base of the "human-cow business" as named by the public. all around her, people bustled around.

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