how to make miniature bottles

| August 8, 2015

Miniature bottle sculptures: 7 steps (with pictures), Miniature bottle sculptures: hello again, so i decided to make some miniature bottle sculptures by sticking tiny train figurines into them (and onto them). i had this idea some time ago of creating little melancholy scenes inside glass bottles. the following ible' is what. Diy miniature wine bottles | dollhouse food, accessories and toys for barbie | no polymer clay!, How to make mini bottles of wine. mini champagne bottle labels. no polymer clay mini bottles of wine for barbie baby. using common household items! give your feedback, comments and likes my videos. Miniature doll water bottle tutorial diy - yolandameow♡, Enjoy creating a mini mineral water bottle with this tutorial. you can use it with dolls like: barbie, monster high, and dolls with similar size..


How to make a miniature baby bottle - wonderhowto, How to make a miniature baby bottle. the wires do not need to be removed. the first thing that you will need to do is remove the bulb from the strand and its housing. this must be done carefully, because its glass. it can break, and you might get injured. dip the tip of the bulb in orange paint. allow it to dry. then, paint the bottom of the bottle white. allow it to dry.. How to create a mini garden using recycled bottles | home, A mini garden made with recycled plastic bottles can provide you with ornamental flowers, herbs or even vegetables. combine bottles of various colors, shapes and sizes for a decorative touch indoors or outdoors. you can also use a bottle garden to start seedlings for later transplanting to the garden.. How to make miniature bottles for dollhouses | dollhouse, What others are saying this tutorial will show you how to make miniature bottles using "push pins" and polymer clay. more free miniature dollhouse projects at my small obsession, click the link at the bottom of this page..

Miniature potion bottle tutorial - my small obsession, Miniature potion bottle tutorial. now you have a small cork stopper. trim end if necessary. place stopper into one end of a small bead and gently adjust to fit. click the image below to download the labels. for more potion labels click here! glue labels to beads, let dry and brush with a little amber gallery glass if you want them to look aged.. How to make a miniature fairy garden in a bottle, Lastly use a matchstick’s square end to make window and door indents. we inserted our mushrooms into a piece of fruit to keep them upright while we baked them. bake your clay according to the manufactures directions, based on the thickness. we did ours about 5 min. then let the baked clay pieces cool a little.. 10 brilliant ways to use mini liquor bottles - supercall, Make your own shot glasses. with a razor, boiling water, ice water and a lot of caution, you can make yourself a custom shot glass. the crew over at the tipsy bartender created an easy how-to on converting mini bottles into shot glasses: run a razor around the bottle where you want the shot glass to end..

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