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| August 7, 2015

The baphomet - crystalinks, The baphomet. allegedly a goat-headed devil figure. the baphomet is an imagined pagan deity (i.e., a product of christian folklore concerning pagans), revived in the 19th century as a figure of occultism and satanism. with the head of a goat and the body of a man wings and cloven feet the upper body of a woman (maternity). What is that thing with a goat head, human body, and, What is that thing with a goat head, human body, and breasts? i think it's a goat anyways lol! maybe a ram but idk. above his head is the flame of intelligence, representing fire. his wings represent wind or air, the sea in the back ground water and his animal parts pentacle earth.. List of hybrid creatures in folklore - wikipedia, Faun – a goat with a human head, which is considered harmless. glaistig – a ghost with the form of half-goat, half-woman. minotaur – a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man. some depictions have it also sporting the tail and/or hindquarters of a bull..

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The pentagram and horned goat's head, The pentagram and ram's head the pentagram and horned goat's head. by david j. stewart | december 2005 | updated july 2015. above (photo: baphomet, god of the freemasons. it's a man's body, with the breasts of a woman, and the head of a horned goat. it is a monstrosity! the beast sits atop the world. the two moons may suggest that this. Baphomet - wikipedia, The concept of a downward-pointing pentagram on its forehead was enlarged upon by lévi in his discussion (without illustration) of the goat of mendes arranged within such a pentagram, which he contrasted with the microcosmic man arranged within a similar but upright pentagram.. Dreams about 'a man with a rams head human body' | 'a man, Results: 'a man with a rams head human body' - page: 1 of 4 | 36+ symbols found.. man . to dream of a man represents male attributes that you may possess - particularly the side that is hostile, pushy, logical, and spirited. if the man is known to you, then this dream may be focusing on how you perceive the particular man..

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