bump inside anus size of grape

| July 5, 2015

I have a large lump about the size of a large grape near, I have a large lump about the size of a large grape near the opening of my anus (on the outside). i had hemorrhoids with pregnancy but this doesn't feel like that. bowel movements are not painful.. I have a hard, grape sized lump that appeared seemingly, I have a small hard lump inside my anus, probably a 1/2 inch at most inside. there is not bleeding, no unusual mucous flow, and no pain. it is probably the size of a large pea.. Grape sized lump on anus opening -doctors lounge(tm), I am a 19 year old male. im fairly healthy, i do smoke ciggarettes but i do not think that is related in this matter in any way. about two weeks ago when taking a shower i noticed a bump on the opening of my anus, upon further examination i discovered a grape sized lump directly on the opening of my anus its purple in color and quite large..

Lump near anus, worrying symptoms. - cancer - medhelp, A few (6-8) months ago i noticed a lump about the size of an olive about an inch to the right of my anus. i was worried about this but a few weeks later i checked it and it was much smaller so i ignored it.. 5 causes of a rectal lump | made man, An anal fissure is a small tear in the anal lining, often occurring during strained or difficult bowel movements. one of its symptoms is a rectal lump, accompanied by pain and bleeding. rectal cancer. the rectum is the last six inches of the body's digestive system, exiting through the anus. one cause of a rectal lump is rectal cancer.. Painful bump in anus | men’s zone discussions | family, For the past week or so i had an itchy pea size lump which turned into a hard agonisingly sore small grape size lump. i self-diagnosed myself as having a haemorrhoid and i bought some haemorrhoid cream which provided a small amount of relief. 2 days ago i couldn't stand the pain- was finding it hard to sit, walk, cough, sneeze and laugh..

Not painful, hard, small, pea sized lump on or near anus, Painful lump on and near anus; anal abscess. anal abscess is a form of a bacterial infection. it mostly occurs when the anal glands contract an infection. symptoms . an anal abscess forms a painful lump on or near the anus. the lump exhibits most characteristics of an infection, such as warmth, skin redness and pus formation.. Lump near the anus with acute pain;hemorrhoids? anal, I can feel a grape sized lump near the anus for 20 days now, it bleeds sometimes during bm and it causes a severe pain (aching to be specific). so far, it seems like hemorrhoids, but in the past week, on the inside of my anus it feels like someone is sticking a knife up there twisting it around, and while bm, it's like defecating shards of glass and it persists for hours after bm..