live footage isis drowning

| July 1, 2015

Horribly brutal video: isis drowns men in swimming pool, At that point they switch to underwater cameras to show the men actually drowning. these are the photos which the daily mail refrained from publishing. then isis pulls the cage back up to show the men frothing at the mouth as they die.. Isis release brutal new execution footage of drowning, Terror group isis has released new footage that appears to show prisoners being lowered in a cage into a swimming pool and left to drown. the video also shows an executioner firing a grenade at prisoners locked in a car. the islamic terrorist group claimed that 16 men were killed in nineveh, iraq. Graphic execution video shows isis drowning, immolating, This morning, isis released a gruesome new video showing the execution of 16 prisoners. five of the prisoners were filmed as they slowly drowned inside a metal cage while four others were blown up by an rpg as they were handcuffed inside a car. another seven were killed by explosives that an isis member had strapped around their necks..

o-DANICA-MCKELLAR-facebook.jpg (1536×2261) | Pretty and ... isis drowns prisoners in cage: video, A video depicting the drowning of five people in the iraqi city of mosul by isis was released online, in horrible scenes illustrative of the depravity of the organization’s imagination. the footage shows isis’ ability to use high imaging techniques, including underwater photography, in an attempt to reveal the moments the prisoners died inside the iron cage.. Warning, extremely graphic video: isis burns hostage alive, Raw video: isis terrorists execute captured jordanian pilot lt. muath al-kaseasbeh.

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