hevy d isis drowning

| June 27, 2015

Horribly brutal video: isis drowns men in swimming pool, In short, isis takes several men that they’ve labeled spies, puts them in a cage and lowers them slowly in a swimming pool until they are drowned. at that point they switch to underwater cameras to show the men actually drowning. these are the photos which the daily mail refrained from publishing.. Warning graphic video: isis drowns man in aquarium, Warning graphic video: isis drowns man in aquarium. a man in mosul gave a radio interview telling the host what he planned to do once mosul was liberated from islamic state – namely, to drink a toast (of alcohol) and buy “shampoo to clean himself” from the filth of isis. isis jihadis tracked the man down and decided to kill him “measure. See isis drown, decapitate , rpg people in brutal new video safely., Death by cold steel report: shows how to see the newly release isis video safely.major publication has it! this video will show you how to see the video if you so choose to, and view it safely.

Isis jihadis execute captive by drowning him in - the sun, Sick isis savages execute captive by drowning him in fish tank in horrific new video. the prisoner is forced to watch as one of the terrorists fills up the fish tank with water in front of him. the executioner then grabs him by the back of the neck and dunks his head in the water. rather than letting him die, the jihadi allows him up just as he begins to run out of breath.. Isis in mosul: daesh drown 21 civilians in cages accusing, Isis monsters drown 21 'traitors' in cages in latest atrocity to hit mosul. isis fighters have become increasingly paranoid as they kill civilians and their own men in brutal executions as the accuse them of helping the iraqi army and the kurdish peshmerga. militants' latest killing saw 21 civilians rounded up on charges of treachery and then drowned while locked in cages.. Isis video shows jihadists drowning caged prisoners in, Isis has also reportedly attacked the syrian city of kobane again, killing 50 people in the area. isis, which is famous for its beheading videos, this time recorded a group of five men in orange jumpsuits being slowly lowered by a crane in what looks like a swimming pool..

18+ video: isis release first execution video for 2017, Isis has released a new video from mosul titled “the procession of light”. the video shows two prisoners being executed, one by beheading and other by drowning. the near 42-minute long video shows multiple vbied suicide attacks against iraqi forces in mosul, with the attackers being interviewed before their attacks showing their delight in participating in this mission.. Isis video shows caged prisoners drowned, shot with an rpg, Elsewhere in the video, isis militants are filmed brutally killing prisoners by locking them in a car and shooting them with a grenade launcher, while another group of jihadis chain a set of. News | heavy.com, Bennett sipes identified as victim in younes bendjima brawl. bennett sipes is a model originally from baltimore. he has been identified as the victim in a fight with younes bendjima..