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Children's story on the holy spirit, Children's sermon idea: john 16 speaks of the holy spirit as a guide who will lead the holy spirit, lead (guide) the children around the church sanctuary to minister in various situations. explain that the holy spirit will guide and lead them each day of their lives as they are sensitive to his leading.. I felt the holy ghost - friend -, On the way home that day, i told my mother what had happened. she joyfully told me that the warm, peaceful feeling i had was the holy ghost comforting me. she said that usually the holy ghost does not talk to us like other people talk to us. instead he gives us a peaceful feeling. after that i noticed other times when i felt the holy ghost.. Holy ghost archives - teaching children, Then i explained that the holy ghost can light the way in our lives to guide us away from spiritual and physical danger. i told an abbreviated version of the story turn upside down and push, found in the july 2010 friend. the story is about how the holy ghost helped a boy in a dangerous situation..

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Pinocchio and the holy ghost: a story to teach kid's about, This story teaches kids in a simple way about the gift of the holy ghost by comparing pinocchio and jiminy cricket to our relationship with the holy ghost.. Bible story: the coming of the holy spirit, Ten days later, when the apostles were all gather together in one room, the holy spirit came on them like jesus had said. it was on the jewish feast day of pentecost. they heard a noise from the sky like a strong wind blowing.. Who is the holy spirit? sunday school lessons for children, Understanding the person of the holy spirit is often difficult for children (and even adults), but knowing god is essential to growing in our love for him. this page is the index for our series of sunday school lessons about the holy spirit..

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