use of the word twix in a pun

| June 23, 2015

Did leonardo da vinci invent scissors? if not, who did, Which is one tool that will be commonly used in above-mentioned activities? yes you are right it is scissors. [twix facts] who invented twix candy bars - who invented. Planet 51 | all the tropes wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Planet 51, a spanish/american all cgi cartoon feature from 2009, is an affectionate parody of tropes from both science fiction and sit coms of the fifties.. the premise: human astronaut captain charles "chuck" baker, accompanied by an exploration robot named rover, lands on the eponymous planet, which is supposedly uninhabited.. The family of love, by thomas middleton, thomas dekker, The family of love. actorum nomina glister, a doctor of physic [peter] purge, a jealous pothecary dryfat, a merchant, a brother of the family gerardine, a lover [laurence] lipsalve} [gregory] gudgeon} two gallants that only pursue city lechery club, a prentice vial, a servant to glister } periwinkle} pages to the gallants mistress glister.

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