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| June 20, 2015

The usps salary: how to determine what you'd be making, The usps pay scale: usps pay grades and usps pay steps. after 52 weeks he/she could move up to step aa and make $33,698. after another 52 weeks, he/she could make promotion again and so on. so if you’re wondering how to move up in the post office, it mostly just comes down to doing a good job and staying there.. 422 salary schedules covered by specific agreements - usps, If a postal service installation assumes the function of a federal agency, the employee who performed the function may be transferred with the function. if so, the employee is placed in the first step that is less than one full step above the pretransfer basic wage — provided the basic wage does not exceed the maximum of the grade.. Postal pay scales | 2018 postal pay scales | executive and, The mail handler grade 4 and 5 pay scales are listed below and pay starts at the level 4 step aa at $17.99 per hour or $37,553 annually plus benefits. you also have numerous pay scales for the american postal workers union (apwu) that represents 220,000 postal workers that belong to the clerk, maintenance, motor vehicle, or support services divisions..

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Pay steps - postal employees - federal soup, You go up a step every so many weeks i forget how many i think its like 30 weeks or something, like for me i started at step ff, but i've gotten about 3 raises since then but only went up one pay step so i'm at ee now, because of the apwu arbitration. so every 30 weeks you should go up a pay step unless you really suck at your job.. Contract ratification letter carrier pay schedule, • nov. 26, 2016: cca step increases of $0.50 per hour when you reach 12 weeks of service as a cca, another $0.50 per hour increase after 40 more weeks of service as a cca (paid beginning sept. 16, 2017, reflected in paychecks oct 6, 2017)—back pay will be calculated from nov. 26, 2016 through sept. 15, 2017.. Average united states post office salary | payscale, United states post office. u.s. postal service (usps) pays its employees an average of $60,332 a year. salaries at u.s. postal service (usps) range from an average of $39,532 to $86,947 a year..

How to read your usps earnings statement from postal, Payloc: pay location: this is your work assignment location. where you work. back: 2. finance no: the usps finance number for your work office. back: 3. pay period: the pay period for this earnings statement (first two digits) and the year of payment (second two digits). back: 4.. Pay | american postal workers union, First 2018 cola increase announced. the increase is the result of a rise in the consumer price index (cpi-w). it will appear in paychecks dated march 23, 2018 (pay period 06-2018), and will total $520.00 per year.. 420 wage administration policy for bargaining unit - usps, However, if the promotion is to a higher grade in the same rate schedule, or to a position with a higher than equivalent grade in another rate schedule that includes a maximum wage equal to or above the saved rate, the employee is slotted to the appropriate step in the new grade, and the saved rate special pay status terminates..

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