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| June 17, 2015

As trump visits his scottish golf course, a mystery, As trump visits his scottish golf course, a mystery remains his 2006 acquisition of a property near aberdeen kicked off a string of curious all-cash purchases.. Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal, In another case, court papers say one of trump’s golf courses in new york agreed to settle a lawsuit by making a donation to the plaintiff’s chosen charity.. Who plays more golf: donald trump or barack obama, This post was updated may 18, 2018. for years, president donald trump criticized his predecessor barack obama for playing golf while on the job. "can you believe that, with all of the problems and.

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Trump used ‘dirty tax scam’ to avoid millions in taxes for, Trump used ‘dirty tax scam’ to avoid millions in taxes for mar-a-lago and golf courses: report. Fundraiser by cameron kerr : help trump get a purple heart, It is not only americans who are horrified by his behaviour, i donate because from south africa i cannot vote to help, as a mother i felt terrible when he said he always wanted a purple heart without any consideration to how parents whose children receive the medal posthumously must feel, no one wants a purple heart and more importantly no parent wants to be a gold star parent!. How donald trump shifted kids-cancer charity money into, Like autumn leaves, sponsored cadillacs, ferraris and maseratis descend on the trump national golf club in westchester county, new york, in september for the eric trump foundation golf.

Donald trump used over $250,000 from charity for business, The payments from the donald j. trump foundation helped settle unpaid fines at his mar-a-lago club and a lawsuit at a trump golf course, the washington post said.. Trump university - wikipedia, Trump university (also known as the trump wealth institute and trump entrepreneur initiative llc) was an american for-profit education company that ran a real estate training program from 2005 until 2010. it was owned and operated by the trump organization. (a separate organization, trump institute, was licensed by trump university but not owned by the trump organization.). Fred trump - wikipedia, Frederick christ trump (october 11, 1905 – june 25, 1999) was an american real estate developer, primarily in new york city, and father of donald trump, the 45th president of the united states, and maryanne trump barry, a united states court of appeals judge.. fred trump's father frederick died when fred was 12 years old. by 15, in partnership with his mother elizabeth christ trump and non.

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