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| June 12, 2015

Office refrigerator etiquette-by, The office courtesy series: office refrigerator etiquette. refrigerators are wonderful inventions, allowing us to store perishable food for weeks at a time. they’re especially ideal to have at work—we can make lunch at home, store it in the fridge at the office, and save money that would otherwise be spent on restaurant food. however,. Company refrigerator etiquette |, Company refrigerator etiquette. in the process, you are likely to be assaulted by a smell that could rival a landfill. establishing some etiquette for communal use of the refrigerator can go a long way towards creating group harmony and turning a potential health hazard into a “fridge” benefit.. Office fridge etiquette: a guide to sharing and caring, Office fridge etiquette: a guide to sharing and caring. the office fridge – an infinite supply of your colleague’s favourite foods and, despite its cooling powers, an appliance with the ability to make your blood boil. the first rule of office fridge use at many work places seems to be you don’t talk about office fridge use, but you should. these 7 tips will improve everyone’s workday!.

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Office refrigerator etiquette | etiquette school of ohio, Office refrigerator etiquette. the office refrigerator is a convenience for you to use during the workday. remember to be considerate of your co-workers as you share this benefit with them. 1. do not eat or drink foods that do not belong to you. 2. do not leave food in the refrigerator to rot and smell.. The office fridge and the etiquette of sharing it with, The office fridge and the etiquette of sharing it with your colleagues the office fridge is a vital source of daily sustenance and tasty pick-me-ups to keep you and your colleagues going, yet it can also be a source of serious contention.. Office kitchen etiquette guidelines - the spruce, Respect refrigerator real estate. when you have a large group of coworkers using the same refrigerator, space becomes valuable. only refrigerate what needs to be kept cold. the rest can remain in a bag at your desk. only eat and drink what is yours. no matter how tempting another employee's soda appears, it doesn't belong to you, so don't take it. unless the person offers you some, pretend it isn't there..

The ultimate office break room etiquette guide - company, Nine tips for great break room etiquette. don’t leave wrappers, empty cups or other trash on the counter. wipe up spills, splatters, crumbs and condensation. do not use the refrigerator for storage. use it to keep your meal or snack cold for that day until you eat it. no one likes to see rotting fruit, yogurt, or casserole in their fridge.. The best passive aggressive office fridge notes -, The best passive aggressive office fridge notes of all time. or more. read: the 10 most awesome business phrases of all time fighting bad office fridge culture is an uphill battle, but you do have options. there are some common sense guidelines you can try to enforce, like not eating foods that don’t belong to you, throwing food out when it goes bad,.

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