facebook post of mother in laws

| June 10, 2015

Mother in law posts to facebook - january 2018 babies, My mother in law posted attached to a meme that her mother (who passed away) was going to be a great grandmother and her daughter who also passed away would have loved to be an aunt. i texted her and im'd her that it is a very sweet post but we are not ready to be facebook, social media, internet live with the news of our pregnancy and that i. Mother-in-law posting pics on facebook — the bump, I told them that if they kept posting pictures of my little one i was no longer going to send them photos and also report the photos to facebook. they finally understood why i had issues. i work in law enforcement and just don't need my kids pictures out on fb all the time.. Best to just ignore mother-in-law’s annoying posts on, Speaking of lightheartedness, you might want to steal a page from that playbook. you could also just consider posting less on facebook. or posting this advice directly on your facebook wall..

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