Popular phrases of 2013

| March 12, 2013

Popular phrases of 2013

The 26 most overused terms and phrases of 2013 - buzzfeed, The 26 most overused terms and phrases of 2013. get them out of your system now, because they're forbidden in 2014.. Most used words and phrases of 2013 - business insider, The top words of 2013 404: the near-universal numeric code for failure on the global internet. fail: the single word fail, often used as a complete sentence hashtag: the "number sign" and "pound sign" reborn as the all-powerful twitter hashtag. @pontifex: the handle of the ever-more popular. 10 most popular words and phrases 2013 - tip top tens.com, Here is a list of the 10 most popular words and phrases this 2013: 10. pontifex. photo source: cnsblog.wordpress.com. the handle of the popular pope franciscus (francis), pontifex is one of the most popular words this 2013 according to glm. in roman catholicism, pontifex technically refers to the highest ranking priests of the state religion..

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Best of 2013: the most overused words and phrases this year, Icymi: 2013, in overused words, is a deceptively simple selfie of a hipster twerking. the song debuted on saturday night live in january 2013, but yolo has been prevalent in pop culture for a few years now. seems that the popular hashtag-which conspicuously ignores those who lmto (live more than once): pac-man, the crow and nine-lived cats everywhere-just won't die.. Popular english words and phrases for 2013, Popular words and phrases for 2013 the oxford dictionary has announced its word of the year: ‘selfie’. editorial director judy pearsall said, “using the oxford dictionaries language research programme, which collects around 150m words of current english in use each month, we can see a phenomenal upward trend in the use of selfie in 2013. Top 20 words, 15 phrases and 15 names of 2013, The top phrases of 2013 toxic politics — american-style scorch-and-burn political campaigns becoming the norm for democracies worldwide. federal shutdown — to the founders it was a delicate balancing of powers..

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