mating evolution in dogs

| March 4, 2013

mating evolution in dogs

Origins & evolution of the dog (generation after generation), Dogs and canines were domesticated between 10,000 and 35,000 years ago through selective breeding, suggesting the earliest dogs presumably arose once we, humans, were still searching and gathering, way before the appearance of agriculture.. Evolution: library: evolution of the dog - pbs, Evolution of the dog: from pekingese to st. bernard and greyhound, dogs come in such startling variety it's easy to forget they belong to the same species. the profusion of breeds today -- at least 150 -- reflects intense, purposeful interbreeding of dogs in the past 150 years.. 40 million years of dog evolution - thoughtco, But there are two big differences in this case: first, dogs are carnivores, and the evolution of carnivores is a twisty, serpentine affair involving not only dogs, but prehistoric hyenas, bears, cats, and now-extinct mammals like creodonts and mesonychids..

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