Funny Slogans for President

| February 24, 2013

Funny Slogans for President

Funny student campaign slogans -, These funny student campaign slogans will be sure to give you a laugh. slogans such as i am good at looking busy, and don't be a loser, be a chooser.. 40 funny school campaign slogans, ideas and posters, These are some creative, memorable and hilarious slogans, posters, memes and ideas for your school campaign. whether you are running for class president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, historian or more, these ideas are sure to spruce up your campaign.. 100+ funny slogans for your business - chartcons, Funny slogans: a slogan is a word or phrase used to express a characteristic position, stand or a goal to be achieved. according to the business dictionary, a slogan can be defined as a simple and catchy phrase accompanying a logo or brand, that encapsulates a product’s appeal or the mission of a firm and makes it more memorable..

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85 best campaign slogans and slogan ideas - chartcons, See: funny and interesting slogans for your business funny campaign slogans and slogan ideas. 1. everyone says, “name” for president. 2. making the world better since “birth year”. “name”.. Political humor - thoughtco, Political humor. red or blue, young or old, stay up to date on what’s happening in dc, without taking it too seriously. enjoy the best jokes about our political process, current events, and leaders.. Political jokes - funny political jokes -, - jokes and more. joke generators: click here for a random pick up line; click here for a random yo mama joke.

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