Funny Slogans for President

| February 24, 2013

Funny Slogans for President

100+ funny slogans for your business - chartcons, You can add some fun to your business by choosing from this list of funny slogans, specifically made for your business. if you already have a slogan for. School campaign slogans -, Whether you are running a campaign for class treasurer, secretary, president or more, here you will find creative and catchy campaign slogans to help you run a. Presidential campaign slogans, Many of these campaign slogans can be found at presidential campaign memorabilia web site from the duke university special collections library, the "campaigns and elections" section of the american president site,.

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Student council campaign slogans -, Here is a list of catchy and clever student council campaign slogans such as don't be hesitant. vote (name) for president.. 85 best campaign slogans and slogan ideas - chartcons, See: funny and interesting slogans for your business funny campaign slogans and slogan ideas. 1. everyone says, “name” for president. 2. making the world better since “birth year”.. Ohio state motto, nicknames and slogans, Did you know that the ohio state motto was the result of a contest won by a small boy? find out more and see also state nicknames and funny slogans..

99 creative political slogans & buttons to help get elected, A great political slogan is hard to come by, but history shows there are a lot worth remembering. in a time when attention spans seem to be continually diminishing, campaign slogans must be memorable.. The stories behind 6 famous slogans | mental floss, Though some of the greatest advertising slogans in history seem relatively simple ("just do it" is only three words, after all), most of the time, they're anything but.. Slogans vs. taglines: what is your brand's battlecry, Slogans vs. taglines: what is your brand's battlecry? taglines don't position a brand -- slogans do.

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