240 million voters

| February 22, 2013

240 million voters

Cambridge analytica ordered to release data on american, The u.k. information commissioner's office has ordered cambridge analytica to release all the personal information and data it has on an american voter, opening the way for as many as 240 million. U.s. trails most developed countries in voter turnout, The census bureau estimated that there were 245.5 million americans ages 18 and older in november 2016, about 157.6 million of whom reported being registered to vote. (while political scientists typically define turnout as votes cast divided by the number of eligible voters,. Nearly 200 million voters exposed by gop contractor's, Personal details for 198 million voters, including names, addresses, home phone numbers and who the person was a likely voter for, that had been stored by deep root analytics on an unsecure amazon.

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You can make a difference: why every single american, You can make a difference: why every single american should vote there are over 240 million voting-aged americans, yet over nearly 100 million consistently choose not to vote.. Carole cadwalladr on twitter: "cambridge analytica claimed, Legal landmark with implications for up to 240 million us voters https: #cambridgeanalytica * turn over all #personaldata on @profcarroll * #profcarroll is an #american #voter * you have 30-days * else, face prosecution. @maddow @lawrence. https:. America hits new landmark: 200 million registered voters, The 2016 campaign may have reached dispiriting new lows, but voter registration in america has soared to new heights as 200 million people are now registered to vote for the first time in u.s.

Rogers voters to decide bond issue during special election, A fifth question will ask voters if they want to refund bonds that were approved by voters in 2011, which total about $59.5 million, leaving $240 million for various improvement projects..

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