popular phrases for 2013

| February 18, 2013

popular phrases for 2013

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Top 17 funny german words and phrases - confiscated toothpaste, I love german. the least romantic language of them all- german "i love you" sounds more like "i will hit you with shovel". it sounds great in a deep voice.. The popularity of data science software | r4stats.com, It’s important to note that the values shown in figures 1a and 1b are single points in time. the number of jobs for the more popular software do not change much. Hugo chávez - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Preceded by: rafael caldera: succeeded by: pedro carmona (interim) de facto president of the united socialist party of venezuela; in office 24 march 2007 – 5 march 2013.

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Phrases pour maman – Des jolis mots et belles phrases pour ma mère ...