are humans just crazy monkeys

| February 10, 2013

are humans just crazy monkeys

Monkeys and humans more closely related, new species, A primate skull fragment discovered in saudi arabia suggests that the lineages of monkeys and humans split later than had been previously thought, indicating that old world monkeys, such as this japanese snow monkey.. 5 shocking ways monkeys are just as dysfunctional as us, Yep, once the monkeys realized that they could see themselves, their first thought was "i wonder what my taint looks like." this proved that the rhesus macaques have a concept of self, like humans, and that they are major pervs, also like humans.. Why are humans considered monkeys? - quora, Why are humans considered monkeys? of which monkeys are a type, just like humans. no person in their right mind would attempt to classify humans as monkeys,.

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Monkeys all the way down - anthropology / everything human, Yes, we share ancestors with monkeys; we share ancestors with every living thing. but, also, to be clear: we did evolve from monkeys. yes, we share ancestors with monkeys; we share ancestors with every living thing.. Humans are monkeys - youtube, All the other animals can just be. but it's not that simple for the monkeys. you see, the monkeys are cursed with consciousness. and so the monkeys are afraid. so the monkeys worry. the monkeys worry about everything, but mostly about what all the other monkeys think. because the monkeys desperately want to fit in, with the other monkeys.. 10 amazing human behaviors in apes and monkeys - listverse, The monkeys got a thrill out of taking a risk, which researchers hope will help to provide insight into how the brains of gambling addicts work. 6 head shaking bonobos are great apes, as are chimps, gorillas, orangutans, and humans..

Apes are monkeys – deal with it | zygoma, Apes are monkeys in the same way that monkeys are primates, humans are apes and i am a human – it’s called a nested hierarchy. this means that all apes are monkeys, but not all monkeys are apes. just as all humans are apes, but not all apes are human..

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