future trends 2013 faith popcorn

| February 4, 2013

future trends 2013 faith popcorn

Futurist faith popcorn's 5 biggest future predictions for, Via giphy. faith popcorn is a futurist w ith a documented 95% accuracy rate. a futurist is someone who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current events. referred to as. Faith popcorn - official site, Led by faith popcorn she is renowned for her extraordinary ability to identify sustainable consumer trends and translate the business opportunity to benefit our clients, positioning brands and entire corporations to succeed in the quickly evolving landscape of tomorrow. we lead the fortune 500 to their best future. our team has an. 17 trends according to faith popcorn – brandtwist, I received these trends in a marketing email from faith popcorn’s brain reserve. i’ve always been interested in trends. i don’t really believe in their ability to predict the future. after all, most trends are usually well underway when they are coined – so it’s really more like a snapshot of the present..

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Faith popcorn's brainreserve | trendbank, Faith popcorn’s trendbank identifies how trends morph and find new expression over time. for example, cocooning is transforming over time. in the current moment, for some americans, the trend has shifted from people having fun and relaxing at home to their seeking armored cocoons.. Futurist faith popcorn predicts the rise of the solo, Maybe you also remember that she is a marketing expert who predicts future trends. futurist faith popcorn predicts the rise of the solo citizen (2013). futurist faith popcorn predicts the. The popcorn report : faith popcorn on the future of your, The popcorn report : faith popcorn on the future of your company, your world, march 18, 2013. format: paperback verified purchase. clicking: 16 trends to future fit your life, your work, and your business faith popcorn. 3.0 out of 5 stars 12. hardcover. $9.00..

Faith popcorn on the future of the workplace - business, In 10 years, futurist faith popcorn thinks robots will have replaced one-third of jobs in the developed world. "'the future of work' slides represent the distant future of work," the rep says.

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