memo on toilet etiquette

| January 31, 2013

memo on toilet etiquette

How to write a memo to staff about toilet cleanliness, Is a memo even necessary? before you start composing a missive railing about keeping the toilets in the office clean, take a deep breath. if the problem is a one-time thing – perhaps an employee was ill, or the janitorial staff was shorthanded for a day or two – it’s better to just let it go and avoid creating an issue.. Restroom etiquette for the office -, We're no prudes, but as a rule we avoid discussing restroom habits in public. it's just not an appropriate topic for most conversations.. Toilet paper orientation - wikipedia, Toilet paper when used with a toilet roll holder with a horizontal axle parallel to the floor and also parallel to the wall has two possible orientations: the toilet paper may hang over (in front of) or under (behind) the roll; if perpendicular to the wall, the two orientations are right-left or near-away. the choice is largely a matter of personal preference, dictated by habit..

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Toilet humored text jokes - text jokes and cartoons, A risque collection of toilet humored text jokes flushed daily from my friends and family.. Memo to all employees (including specifically you, I am very sensitive to body odour and hope that folks in the office can be aware of this and try to minimize odour for the comfort of all office staff, including specifically me. our space is small and when in a small room together the odours can be quite strong. stale body odour on clothes can be avoided by regularly washing and changing clothes.. 11 simple rules of excellent houseguest etiquette, Being a great houseguest requires more than a parting gift upon departure. learn houseguest etiquette to make sure you're invited back..

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