sharepoint 2013 site logo

| January 24, 2013

sharepoint 2013 site logo

How to change the logo on your sharepoint 2013 site, It has come to my attention that an article of ours is in need of updating to the latest version of sharepoint. so without further ado, here’s how to change the various logos on your sharepoint 2013 site.this blog will help you add or replace images where necessary on your sharepoint 2013 site.. Change sharepoint 2013 site logo link to root site url, By default, on clicking the sharepoint 2010 or sharepoint 2013 site logo - it takes us to the root of the current site or sub-site. but you may want to link logo to top level site.well, to change this behavior you got to change the master page.. How to change logo in sharepoint 2013? - sharepoint diary, As a branding initiative, the first thing people do to customize sharepoint site is: changing logos to their company logo. here is how to change logo in sharepoint 2013:.

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How to change the title and logo of a sharepoint 2013 site, 1) log into sharepoint.. 2) navigate to the site where you wish to change the title or url. 3) click on settings - site settings.. 4) under look and feel, click on title, description, and logo.. 5) change the title of your site in the title field and then specify a description in the description add a logo image that is on the internet, enter the url in the field.. Sharepoint redirect site logo link to the root site, I want the site logo link in the master page to always redirect to the root site collection home page. default behavior is to redirect to the homepage of the current web (spweb). back in sharepoin. Sharepoint 2013 site home page title formatting - stack, I created a sub-site in sharepoint 2013 and added my custom logo to the page. for some reason i cannot change the size or color of the title of the home page. i can't use a web part to create a new.

Change sharepoint 2013 title - top sharepoint sites, Sharepoint 2013 displays a blue bar at the top of the page with the word “sharepoint” placed on the top left. here is an easy way to customize the sharepoint 2013 suitebarbrandingelementhtml property in charge with the title branding using the omnipotent powershell.. this change will affect all the sites within the web application you choose and yes, you will see the changes on the site. Sharepoint enterprise - how can i remove the site, By default any site collection will have a logo at the left side corner, but i am unable to remove the whole logo section ? can anyone advice on this ? since if i remove the logo url it will automatically show the sharepoint logo , even if no logo url is specified ?. Sharepoint 2013 essential training -, - [voiceover] welcome to sharepoint server 2013 essential training, my name's gini courter. in this course we'll be taking a look at the features of microsoft sharepoint server, both the enterprise and the standard version. we will begin with basic questions like what is sharepoint?.

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