trump tower donations

| January 18, 2013

trump tower donations

Donald trump jr. asked russian lawyer for info on clinton, Donald trump jr. asked a russian lawyer at the june 2016 trump tower meeting whether she had evidence of illegal donations to the clinton foundation, the lawyer told the senate judiciary committee. Donald j. trump for president, inc., Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, address, occupation, and employer of individuals whose contribution exceeds $200 in an election cycle.. Lanny davis destroys cnn's "bombshell" report on trump, In an odd disturbance in the 'resistance' farce, michael cohen's lawyer, longtime clinton friend and bill clinton's special counsel, lanny davis crushed cnn's hopes and dreams of a smoking gun over trump's awareness of the trump tower meetings and blew up the russia collusion narrative by confirming that the steele dossier was entirely false with regard cohen's alleged trip to prague..

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Did donald trump transport stranded troops on his own, A story that donald trump personally sent out an airplane to transport hundreds of stranded u.s. marines home is based on inaccurate information.. Donald trump's presidential announcement speech | time, Wow. whoa. that is some group of people. thousands. so nice, thank you very much. that’s really nice. thank you. it’s great to be at trump tower. it’s great to be in a wonderful city, new. President donald j. trump - biography, Who is donald trump? donald john trump is the 45th and current president of the united states who took office january 20, 2017. previously, he was a real estate mogul, and a former reality tv star..

Trump’s ‘buy american’ hoax | real jew news, Showman trump is one big act. last month he vowed that the federal government would ‘buy american.’ it was pure theater. [clip: “through the years, snap-on tools have been at the center of our industrial life. for decades, this company has served the needs of american workers. it’s time we.

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