diy 2013 jewellery pinterest

| January 8, 2013

diy 2013 jewellery pinterest

Maria sself chekmarev: diy natural window screen spray, My last two weeks have been filled with a lot of spring cleaning i know, i know, but hey! better late than never:-) (check out the vintage poster below that i found in a cute beach shop in monterey - i think it is a portrait of me and how i excuse my procrastination;-)) anyway, during the clean-up i came up with a spray to keep my window. Diy: washi tape wooden bracelets - mama miss, With a few simple tools, these beautiful diy washi tape bracelets can adorn your wrists too.. Maria sself chekmarev: diy natural anti-wrinkle eye mask, Diy natural anti-wrinkle eye mask for sensitive eyes and under eye circles - w/ most effective anti-aging ingredients: retinoid, glycolic acid and vitamin c. homemade recipe..

DIY: Handmade Jewelry | Simple & Affordable - YouTube

10 tips for using pinterest well - the mom creative, Pin it as someone who has been avidly using pinterest for about 6 months, i can honestly say it has greatly impacted my internet consumption, creativity and blog content (i pay a lot of attention to what you “pinners” are pinning from the mom creative – and i thank you!).. Diy | bottle lamp, Create your own maison martin margiela inspired bottle lamp! i made mine for less than 4 euros! very easy and fast diy on the blog!. Diy reuseable cosmetic cotton pads - humblebee & me, I realized somewhat recently that i am using (and subsequently tossing) a lot of cotton pads. that’s a lot of very frivolous waste. so, i got to thinking—if you can make re-useable diapers, cotton pads can’t be too far away. i took a trip to my basement to find some fabric that would make good.

De jong dream house: diy craft table, Our story of building and living in an earth-friendly, energy-efficient, universally-designed home.. 25 clever diy ways to keep your jewelry organized, Diy 25 clever diy ways to keep your jewelry organized keep your bling untangled with these brilliant storage solutions.. Diy red rose lipstick - humblebee & me, I’ve been thinking about trying diy lipstick for a while, and i’ve learned from my various forays into tinted lip balms. i thought about trying a variety of different colourants, but in the end, i tried my australian red reef clay first. the colour is just so deep and wonderful that i just had.

Thanks, I Made It : DIY J.Crew-inspired Braided Necklace