sean janas petition

| January 4, 2013

sean janas petition

Sean fucking janas, why the law fails, & needed changes, Sean janas is currently sitting in jail under a $2,500 bond, charged with two felony i charges and a misdemeanor. the public is clamoring for her blood, signing petitions, protesting outside the courthouse and sending a ton of letters, so that hopefully she'll get the maximum sentence.. Petition - · the world’s platform for change, Sean d. janas poisoned a german shepherd named mary with drano and bleach for months on end while gleefully recording her sadism in a journal.. Justice for mary german/lab mix murdered by sean janas, According to the criminal complaint, janas wrote a number of diary entries about abusing her boyfriend's dog. it reads "i (2642 signatures on petition).

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Wis. woman sentenced to prison in dog-torture death, Wis. woman sentenced to prison in dog-torture death. cq sps sean janas 22, greg in the animal's memory and prompted a petition calling for harsh. Sign the petition to wisconsin government · support an, Sean d. janas is obviously a deranged and very dangerous individual who poses a real threat to society. it's time now for the courts to recognize how serious animal cruelty is and to treat abuse crimes against animals like this accordingly.. Sign the petition to marathon county assistant - causes, This petition has received 123,558 signatures. please sign this woman is very disturbed! wausau wisconsin — a 20-year-old wausau woman called -sean d. janas -.

Dog abuse case sparks worldwide outrage - waow - newsline, Jacobson is the prosecutor, in a case involving 20-year old sean janas. she is accused of poisoning and killing her boyfriend's dog, mary, back in june. in response, sydney rose started the online petition drive. it asks for the maximum penalty against janas, if she is convicted.. Update on- sean d janas - the scum who killed mary!, Update on- sean d janas - the scum who killed mary! update on- sean d janas the scum who killed it appears that sean d janas will be back in court. Update: sean janas fires attorney, judge says that won't, During a motion hearing monday in marathon county court the judge informed sean janas that attorney, said. police say janas petitions have been.