Sean Janas Wasau

| January 2, 2013

Sean Janas Wasau

Update: janas gets max sentence in dog torturing case, A 21-year-old wausau woman convicted of torturing and killing her boyfriend's dog, mary, in june 2012 will spend two years and three months behind bars. earlier this month, sean janas pleaded guilty to mistreating an animal resulting in death, and intentionally poisoning an animal.. Sean janas appears in court - waow - newsline 9, wausau, Wausau (waow) - sean janas, the woman convicted of torturing and killing her boyfriend's dog nearly four years ago, is now facing prostitution and shoplifting charges. the charges were filed in january.. Update: sean janas fires attorney, judge says that won't, A wausau woman accused of mistreating and killing her boyfriend's dog is requesting a new attorney after telling the court she's firing her current one. during a motion hearing monday in marathon county court the judge informed sean janas that at this time the change of counsel would not delay her may 1 jury trial..

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Sean fucking janas, why the law fails, & needed changes, Sean janas's boyfriend steven kuik, who owned the dog, knew about the abuse and allowed it to continue, will not be punished at all. as for "mary's law," it's no big deal at all, really. it's a law that would authorize wausau to use pet license fees to hire 2-3 more animal control officers for the county.. Sean janas back in custody on prostitution and shoplifting, A mugshot of sean janas from the marathon county sheriff's department wausau, wis. (wsau) -- a woman convicted of torturing and killing her boyfriend's dog almost four years ago now faces prostitution and shoplifting charges.. Sean janas, wisconsin resident, systematically tortured, If the allegations are true, janas makes michael vick look like a caring dog owner. 0 sean janas, a 20-year-old resident of wausau, kept a diary about systematically torturing her boyfriend's dog to death, prosecutors say..

Sean janas 'tortured boyfriend's dog, forcing it to drink, Held on felony mistreatment of animals sean janas, of wausau, wisconsin, allegedly wrote about how pleased she was to carry out the horrific mistreatment of the pet dog named mary. home u.k.. Janas bond reduction denied | news | wsau, Wausau, wi (wsau) - the woman accused of poisoning and stabbing her ex-boyfriend’s dog last summer will stay in jail for now. 20-year-old sean janas requested a reduction in bond from $2,500. Sean janas, accused of dog abuse, allegedly poured bleach, Janas allegedly poisoned and stabbed mary, a labrador/shepherd mix, in june. city pages reports that the dog died in june after months of torture, cops said. janas is charged with felony mistreatment of an animal causing death, poisoning an animal and lying to police, according to wsaw..