dumbest quotes 2012

| December 28, 2012

dumbest quotes 2012

The top ten dumbest republican quotes of 2012 - politicus usa, It was not easy to pare down to ten a list from literally hundreds of dumb republican quote candidates, but out of patriotism and love of country i have decided to take on the challenge.. Top 12 dumb celebrity quotes of 2012 | fox news, We can always count on celebs to get caught saying some totally ridiculous things. and this year was no exception. click through to see our top dumb celebrity quotes of 2012.. Dumbest quotes - brainyquote, I do mind that a lot of unworthy people rode his coattails to minizillionaire status, e.g. the inventor of hungarian notation, probably the dumbest widely-promulgated idea in the history of the field..

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The 20 dumbest celebrity quotes of all time (gallery, The 20 dumbest celebrity quotes of all time (gallery) dude, seriously… these are the 20 dumbest celebrity quotes of all time and if you don’t believe us, then you’re a stupid poo poo face with a dumb dumb head.. Pretty but stupid: dumbest celeb quotes - ny daily news, Feb 16, 2012 | 4:34 pm celebs say the darndest things! everyone from movie stars to politicians to athletes seems to have contracted foot-in-mouth disease at some point.. The 15 dumbest quotes by famous people | lifedaily, The internet is full of famous quotes, motivational quotes, quotes that inspire you, even funny quotes; but have you ever read quotes by famous people, that are just dumb? there was once a time in the history of mankind when fame was a bi-product of effort, ability, talent or original thought..

Dumbest political quotes of all time - thoughtco, A compendium of the dumbest things ever said by prominent republicans, democrats, pundits, and other politicians..

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